Tips For Quail Hunting In South Texas

Many people around the world love quail hunting. South Texas is a perfect place for quail hunting as you can find lots of quails there. The article below talks about some of the useful tips and tricks on quail hunting.
It is essential to know about the probable whereabouts of the quail bird before deciding to hunt it. You can find quail in open areas covered by trees around. Quails visit fields in the morning to feed on the seeds and grains. They prefer to live in areas which contain briar weeds and not on over grazed grasses. You can find them resting in bushes in the noon, and you can spot them again in the fields in the early evenings.

Hunting professionals suggest making use of a shotgun with a gauge of range 420 and 12. Quail hunters generally prefer the use of 20 gauge shotgun. 28 gauge shotgun is gaining popularity among quail hunters in the recent years.
Hunters should consider the safety of themselves and others when hunting. This factor is given greater importance for any outdoor activity. People are advised to wear dark color clothing usually orange safety vest when they step out for quail hunting. This helps to reach the co-hunters quickly and you can stay close to each other.
Be careful in handling the hunting guns as there are chances that it might accidentally shoot other animals or even humans. Place the barrel pointed towards the sky when the weapon is not in use. You must always aim the quail bird that is flying high. Do not try to shoot the quail which is flying low as this may result in accidents.
Quail hunting professional and guides would also help you in offering the right tips on quail hunting.
The above tips would be useful for people who wish to perform quail hunting in South Texas.

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